Ahhhh, summer events. Beach parties. Pool parties. Weddings. When a good time is had by all it’s easy to overindulge. And it happened to me on Saturday at a beautiful wedding in Ithaca, New York. Too much of the things that I normally don’t eat – cheese and sweets. But the next morning I found a cure. At brunch (and apparently those Sunday brunches at The Statler Hotel at Cornell are famous) I was served a cup of the best tea ever – delicate, soothing, almost sweet. So I’m sharing with you darlings and you have to try it (if you are tea people, that is).

My new best friend is Organic Bangkok by Harney & Sons. It’s totally intoxicating with its flavors of fresh green tea, vanilla, lemongrass, ginger and my favorite coconut!

It’s a perfect summer tea for both morning and mid-day sipping. And it tastes great both hot and cold! It comes in sachets and loose. You can get it online at Harney & Sons website, which is also a great source of information about tea - types of tea, brewing instructions, how to choose between sachets and loose leaf, etc.

Get yourself some and enjoy!

organic bangkok tea harney and sons Bangkok by Harney and Sons   Best. Tea. Ever.