You probably noticed we are obsessed with color this month. I mean, we are always obsessesed with color but we are sharing our obsesssion this month as we can feel that Spring is coming. Choosing a single color may not be that difficult but combining colors is a whole different story. Here are our thoughts:

When combining colors there is one rule that always works: if a color combination exists in nature, it will most likely work in your home. Couple of examples: blue + green – think: sky and grass, or orange + green + brown – think: fall forest.

Four is a magic number when combining colors within one space so stick with that number and you will be fine. Think: taupe + brown+ green + orange, or blue+white+yellow+brown.

If you like very vibrant colors and would like to paint each room a different one, make sure to keep the hallways neutral to create a “buffer” that will help you avoid the circus look.

Pick your favorite of the four color for your upholstery or rugs, the most neutral one for your walls, and the 2 accent color will look great on throw pillows and other accessories.

Happy combining!