Cabin fever is really setting in and you may wonder “what can I do to make my home feel more like Spring?”. What if we told you that there are many easy decor updates you can implement really quickly to get ready for Spring and start enjoying your home again?

In 1 hour you can:

  1. Fluff up the pillows and turn the sofa cushions.
  2. Rearrange accessories on a coffee table, foyer table and in a curio cabinet.
  3. Accessorize the fireplace  mantle with some fresh accessories.
  4. Put away clutter including magazines, books, kids’ toys, etc.

In 1 day:

  1. Rearrange your furniture for a new floor plan full of possibilities.
  2. Switch rugs between rooms for a fresh look without spending any money.
  3. Get new throw pillows for an updated color scheme.
  4. Bring in a potted plant such as orchid to bring fresh life into your decor scheme.

In 1 weekend:

  1. Shop your local antique stores or flea markets for 1 great vintage piece such as a side table or a night stand.
  2. Paint inside of your bookcases for a fresh and stylish look.
  3. Organize your books by color and use them as decorative accessories.
  4. Install wainscoting and paint it a fresh coat of soft white.

Now get to work!