The house of Hermes introduces it’s first furniture collection! The world’s most coveted brand, known first for their leather goods, gorgeous silk scarves and accessories is going to leave its mark on the world of furniture.

hermes orange

  Here is how Hermes announces it’s “home” line:

“Since it was founded, in 1837, Hermès has been a House – a community of men and women united by a belief in the values of the finest craftsmanship. This is the credo which five generations of the Hermès family before we have devoted themselves to passing on.

A house is also the place where one seeks shelter, rests and gathers strength in order to re-embark on new quests. Developing this new range for the “home” is in one respect a return to the roots of our know- how, starting with the timeless furniture of Jean-Michel Frank, whose expression is the very foundation of modern design vocabulary. Hermès “home” is also a move forward into new areas, furnishing fabrics, wallpaper and rugs and as many other objects which satisfy our requirements for functionality and irreproachable quality.

 As the counterbalance to our time-starved world, Hermès’ objects for the home are invested with the necessary time to be certain they will endure. They have been designed to bring comfort, discreet elegance and that little bit of soul to the everyday lives of other houses.”

hermes furniture collection

Hermes Home

 You can see some of the home accessories at Hermes website.