I like color, I really do. Anybody who knows me knows it. I like that there is a “color of the year”.

Every January I look forward to Pantone’s press release to find out which color will be crowned as the new color of the year.

3 years ago I even had an idea to paint my front door new color each time Pantone announces it. It would be like letting everybody know what’s current. The problem is, January is not the best time for exterior painting in New England. I mean, I have 4 feet of snow on my lawn as we speak. The only part of my dog I see when she goes out is her tail.

So, for the last couple of years I have been color-of-the-year-painting a set of Chinese Foo Dogs that flank my front door. They started silver gray, then they were yellow, turquoise and it seems now it’s time for them to dress in pink. I mean, honeysuckle.

I have a problem with that – I think they will clash with most of the plants in my garden…

What do you think of the new color of the year for 2011?