18 bottle wine rack by ahs

As all of you know I love wine. I am also in the process of re-designing my own kitchen. So, it was only natural to look for a way to combine my love of design and my love of wine into a work of art of sort. I have been looking for a creative wine racking for a while and I was not interested in any obvious options.

ahs wine wall

So I was thrilled to find brilliantly simple, built-in aluminum wine racks by Aluminum Home Solutions (AHS). They come in multiple sizes, which is great, but the best part is that they are shallow enough to be built-in into a standard 2×4 construction wall. How great is that?

ahs wine rack

The AHS racks display wine as art by showing off the wine clearly and elegantly. You can create artful displays simply by selecting wines with interesting labels. These wine displays are truly unique and could be added to any home or commercial environment.  All displays can be custom designed to fit any space or application.

ahs 18 bottle wine display

What do you think? Wine display, anyone?

Stay stylish!