In addition to having unique sense of style, we all have different levels of decorating confidence. I like to push the envelope at times – show possibilities and inspire to look beyond what feels safe. That’s why it makes me super happy to see clients evolve in their sense of style and get braver with their decorating choices.

I got an email from a client recently – we finished her project a while ago and she was going to look for some accessories in her spare time, namely a set of ottomans for her living room console table. I love animal prints. If you knew one thing about me – that would probably be it. But I try not to push zebras, tigers and giraffes at clients who, in my opinion, are not ready to take that “wild path”.

So I can’t describe how excited I was to see this photo she email to me:

animal print ottomans

Animal print ottomans

In her otherwise traditional living room, those two ottomans look great creating a sense of style and sophistication that she and her family definitely deserve. Good job, Lisa and Peter!