We are having a fantastic spring so far when it comes to the number of bookings for our packaged services, such as RENT MY EYE. So, we decided to challenge ourselves to make May 2012 the record month for our signature RENT MY EYE package.

Which is why, I ask for your help- and I want to offer you something really great in return.

OK, here it goes. Each time you refer someone to us and they book a RENT MY EYE service with me in May (the booking has to happen in May 2012, the session has to take place by June 30, 2012), I will GIVE YOU a $50 Starbucks gift card. You can use it yourself or give it to anyone. How cool is that?

There are no strings attached. No need to buy anything. All I am asking is that if you know of anyone who could use some decorating help, to please tell them about RENT MY EYE.

RENT MY EYE is a revolutionary service that no other interior design firm offers. It’s even trade-marked. It goes perfectly with spring as it helps people get “unstuck” with their decorating and get their projects moving. It helps to avoid costly decorating mistakes. Fresh starts, new beginnings, all that good stuff. Learn more here (or download a brochure).

A new RENT MY EYE client from Manhattan told me the other day that she had been looking for something like RENT MY EYE for 10 years. Well, it is here and I’m asking you to please spread the word. 

Questions? Please call Lauren at (203) 438-4743 or email us and help us successfully meet our May challenge.

Asian Inspired Living Room