Looking up at your ceiling and seeing white is no longer an option. Read on and do something fun with your ceiling:

1. If your trim is crisp white then your ceiling shouldn’t be. Make a design statement by picking ceiling paint color that is couple shades lighter than your wall color. If your walls are very dark, then ask your painter to mix 90% of white paint with 10% of your wall paint. It will create enough of a contrast to make your millwork pop.
2. If you are looking for the unexpected, then covering your ceiling with a fun wallpaper may be an answer! Especially in a smaller space like a powder room a great paper would be a beautiful surprise.
3. Think metallic! Most paint companies offer metallic paints so the only issue would be “which one to pick?”. A coat of metallic paint (think silver, gold or champagne) or a high-gloss finish applied to your ceiling will add instant interest to your space.
4. Beware of texture up there! Do not use faux finishes, especially those involving a lot of texture and a flat finish, on your ceiling – it will make it look dark, unfinished and dirty. Instead, go for a Italian plaster finish – it’s sheen and smooth texture will work as well as metalic paint ot wallpaper – very elegant.
5. Do paint a fresco. If you are looking for a truly artistic finish for yoru ceiling, then hiring a fresco artist may be a good idea. Just be careful when choosing the theme and the artist – there are a lot of super tacky murals out there…

Image from www.traditionalhome.com