With 2011’s holiday season in full swing, a bar cart is a perfect addition to keep your entertaining rolling- literally! It allows versatility and flexibility, and with your bar cart set, you can spend more time with your guests! Who wants to be in and out of the kitchen the entire time preparing and serving drinks?! With your new fully stocked bar cart, you’ll have all of your guests saying “That’s the spirit!” in more ways than one!

Whether your party is a formal dinner in your dining room or a casual cocktail party in your great room, having a bar cart allows you to bring the party with you wherever you go! It also welcomes guests to prepare their own drinks if they so desire.

A bar cart is also great for the “pop-ins” that we all experience during the holiday season. If you have yours stocked and ready to go, you’ll become the perfect hostess in an instant!

Read our Blogazine this Thursday in order to get our exclusive bar-cart checklist for the domestic diva in you as well as our favorite festive drink for the holiday season and our choice of glassware.

Check out these Arteriors bar carts! They are one of our favorite vendors, especially when it comes to bar carts because of their wide selection of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes!


 Arteriors Brass Lisbon Bar Cart


Arteriors Leon Bar Cart

Arteriors Ponce Bar Cart

All images courtesy of ArteriorsHome.