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A pretty wrap makes even the tiniest gift seem bigger and better. And sometimes the wrap is better than the gift itself. Which is why gift wrapping is so much fun!

I used to get my gifts professionally wrapped but then several years ago I fell in love with Martha’s brilliant gift wrapping idea: take a plain brown paper and have fun with it! Write on it, put stickers on it, cut it with decorative scissors for fancy edge. So I bought a gigantic roll of brown packing paper (and I mean gigantic – it came with its own commercial grade dispenser) and for years I had fun decorating my gifts with huge bows, simple but colorful raffia ties, etc.

Now I am all about funky papers and keeping it simple. And since my bow-making capabilities seem to diminish with age, funky paper and super-duper scotch tape is enough these days.

Other un-orthodox ideas for gift wrapping?

– Use a calendar page with ribbon bow

– Use a magazine page with thread bow

–  Phone book page with rubber-band bow

And my new favorite:

– White craft paper with hand-drawn bow

Not into making your own wrapping?

Take a look at some really cool papers I found for you from Anthropologie, Erin Condren and Things Geek.

anthro gift wrap christmasgeeky gift wrap

erin condren wrap


Happy gift wrapping. And stay tipsy!