OK, anybody who knows me knows that I would never let a man stop me in pursuit of, well, anything. I had my first big job before I even graduated college and by the time I was 24 I sat in a board room with men (and women) twice my age. As a peer. A man 30 years my senior whom I worked with once tried to “show me my place” by calling me “his PR girl” while talking to another man he was trying to impress. It took me about 2 months to get him fired but when the time came he was gone faster than he could count to three.

So, I’m really tired of the hysteria over how bad (and sexist) The Oscars were. I mean, really? It’s called humor. Big girls don’t care, they just smile and keep conquering the world! And yes, actresses who chose to expose their bodies in movies knew what they were doing. They did it for their roles, to convey the message the director asked them to convey, and however uncomfortable it was at the moment, they moved on. It was not real. That’s what acting is. That’s what the job is. And they were in on the joke last night. I really doubt any of them were offended.

Just likeI’m not offended if I have to mop a floor in my clients’ house before a photo shoot, or do the dishes, or put away their dirty laundry. Because I want their house to look great. No matter what.

I am, on the other hand, offended by the self-righteous, angry, self-proclaimed “women’s rights activist”, who spent this whole day reliving yesterday and spewing hatred.

The only drags in last night show were off-note singing by Shirley Bassey, totally out of place performance by Catherine Zeta-Jones (what did “Chicago” have to do with last night’s how other than being produced by the same people who produced last night’s show?), and the performance by Barbara Streisand that highlighted one of the in memoriam  honorees over the others. That was uncomfortable. That’s what made the show too long.

Oh, and BTW, Amy Davidson (of The New Yorker), the reason MacFarlane used the gay choir as a part of his skit was not so he could say the word “gay” multiple times, as you suggest, but because he himself has been a victim (although I’m sure his great sense of humor and total lack of self-seriousness would never allow him to see himself as such) of gay rumours for years. Got it? Self depricating humor. Something tells me you are yet to try it.

Meanwhile pour yourself a glass of wine and relax.

And to all my readers: stay stylish!