I have one question for some of the most handsome male stars in Hollywood today. Listen up George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman (and I am not even talking to you anymore, Joaquin Phoenix): WHAT IS WITH THE BEARD? You worked so hard to land those great roles, you exercise, you eat right, you dress well and then you decide to make yourself almost unrecognizable by growing a thicket of gross facial hair?

Why? Why? Why?

I mean, you ARE Gorgeous George, in your Armani and all, but please please show us your beautiful face!

85th Annual Academy Awards - George Clooney

And Ben Affleck, you won and it’s time to drop the Argo facial hair, it is, after all, 2013!


Bradley, Bradley, Bradley…shaving time!


And Hugh Jackman. I mean, Wolverine at the Oscars?

oscars hugh-jackman

Please please please, go back to your regular grooming routines!

Stay stylish!