I love movies. A lot. And I love parties. And it just so happens that some of my most favorite movies are those featuring extensive party scenes. There is so much movement, so much interaction in a party scene.  You learn a lot about characters as they mingle in a larger context. Party scenes also feed my design curiosity as they capture the zeitgeist perfectly by showcasing the interiors, fashion, food + drinks, era – appropriate music and, of course, dancing.

Today we look at my 3 favorite film party scenes of all time (in no particular order).

THE PARTY, 1968,


This Blake Edwards movie is one big party. And I mean BIG. A prominent Hollywood producer is throwing an over the top party at his amazing house (I watched in once just to look at the interiors) and everything that can go wrong, well…you have to see it for yourself. Peter Sellers plays a clumsy movie extra who as a result of a clerical error gets invited to an exclusive party instead of getting fired. Here is the “best of “clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfWvWRqrAig

It’s in my opinion the best Peter Sellers movie. Henry Mancini’s music doesn’t hurt either. It’s pure fun.



Another perfect Blake Edwards/Henry Mancini product. We all know the plot but you have to admit that the party scene is simply amazing. It’s pure Holly, less all the vulnerability. Sexy, sophisticated, whimsical and, let’s be honest, a bit nut. Love it!



rocknrolla gerard butler thandie newton

For all you Gerard Butler fans out there, this is one of his least known movies. Fantastically written and directed by Guy Ritchie (I have to say, he made best movies during his Madonna period), this movie is fun and dark at the same time. Exclusive London real estate, big time mobsters, small crooks, Russian special ops, beautiful and wicked accountants – this movie has it all. Oh, and Tom Hardy and Jeremy Piven, too. Just take a look at the interiors in this scene! Not to mention the best dancing ever. Here are Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton at their best: http://klipd.com/watch/rocknrolla/gerard-butler-dance-scene

Watch films, party and stay tipsy!