color stories benjamin moore

Just when you thought that selecting the right paint color is hard because there are so many great colors to choose from…it happened again. There are more still!

The Color Stories palette from Benjamin Moore was introduced last year but I only laid my hands on the fan deck last week and I’m reporting immediately! So, here is the scoop:

Most paint colors are created by tinting and shading, usually using 2-3 pure colors and adding white and black to create the desired hue. Where Color Stories differ from other paint palettes is how the colors are formulated. Every Color Stories color is made using 5-7 colorants and no white or black! They are full spectrum colors and it’s that unique formula that makes them so pure and saturated. It’s all pure pigment!

Color Stories colorants are water based (zero VOCs) and they can only be mixed using Benjamin Moore Aura or Aura Bath & Spa paint line.

Color Stories pigment is embeded in paint binder, which means that color becomes part of the paint film. What does that mean? You can use this paint in matte finish even in high traffic areas. Also, only two coats are required for good coverage (yay! no primer!), even on dark reds.

Because Color Stories were formulated to work only with Aura base, do not let your painter talk you into going the cheap way and “matching it” on another paint base. It won’t work! If he tells you otherwise, he does not know what he is talking about. Send him to me. I will explain.

Paint your color story this Spring!









Unmatched Color, literally!