decorating with coral

Summer decorating should be easy and fun. Simple arrangements and pretty colors make for best summer vignettes. And what says summer more than coral and shells? Since many species of coral are endangered, I prefer to use faux coral in my project. See below how I incorporated pieces of faux red and black coral into this Chinoiserie bookcase design.

decorating with coral living room bookcase

Small pieces of coral look great as bookcase and table accessories, but large ones can be used as centerpieces.

faux prickly coral

 faux prickly coral pb as a centerpiece

Shells create an instant vacation feel in any space. Even if you don’t have time to collect your own, you can get a vase filling set, like the one below from Pottery Barn, that will make summer decorating easy:

beach shell vase filler pb

Large shells (real or faux) are fantastic centerpieces as well:


Just fill a large shell with other decorative accessories and voila! Large Atlantis shell from ZGallarie above and Shell Bowl from Pottery Barn below:

shell bowl pb

This faux shell on stand will look dramatic in any decor.


And here is a similar one that I used while decorating client’s living room:

decorating with shells living room

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