whaletone blue_all

No, you are not halucinating. That is a powder blue piano. And yes, it kind of looks like a whale emerging from the water.

Actually, I am not sure what is more striking, the color palette (yes, there is a whole palette) or the form and shape of Whaletone piano. This striking instrument was designed by Robert Majkut, one of the leading European designers, whose pioneering (hello!) ideas have brought him well-deserved recognition as a creator of unique (you think?) objects and spaces.

The story behind Whaletone, design of which was brought on by a dream, is so interesting, I can’t just summarize it for you. Go to Whaletone.com to find out more. Today, we just look:

whaletone violet_all

whaletone yellow_all

whaletone pink all

whaletone orange_all

whaletone black side view

whaletone white

whaleton tone on tone beige_beige

Above is one of the duo-tone versions. Shown here: beige on beige



whaletone creamy_all

whaletone gray_all

I only wish I could play!!!!