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I think I love everything about Jo Malone brand. The simple fragrances, the beautiful product design and the artful packaging – timeless and classic. But most of all, I love the design philosophy behind the brand, which, to me, is the embodiment of everything that make good design great – understated but always whimsy, witty, and with a story to tell.

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I also believe in flexibility in design, in multipurpose uses of things, in mixing and combining. To me, that’s good design and I always strive to incorporate as much of that “design flexibility” in my work. And even though Jo Malone is no longer directly involved with the company there is still the Jo Malone genius behind the original concept.

She created beautiful but uncomplicated scents that can be combined to create your own personal fragrance (and how smart to have packaging designed that accomodates purchasing multiple scents at a time so you can’t resist?) via the Fragrance Combining Menu concept.

jo malone fragrance combining

She created products that can be used both on your skin and on your towels, sheets and even soft furnishings, so your favorite scent is everpresent through the concept of Scent Surround without having to buy multiple products.

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The home collection consists of candles, sachets, drawer liners, room diffusers and room sprays – all in your favorite, iconic and yummy Jo Malone scents, so now you can easily style your home with natural scents.

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 My favorite Jo Malone scent is English Pear and Freesia:

jo malone english pear and freesia