Shubh Diwali!! (Happy Diwali!) Diwali is a holiday that is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs. It is also often referred to as “Festival of Lights”. The name Diwali is derived from “Deepavali” which literally means row of lamps, hence the festival of lights association. The festival lasts several days and is going on this week. It always falls between mid-October and mid-November on “Ashvina”, when the only new moon of this time of year occurs. This holiday celebrates the triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness. During this time, families gather for traditional ceremonies and to share great food and treats. We’ve put together a collection of Indian-inspired rooms to celebrate Diwali!
Indian Inspired Bedroom
Indian Inspired Room
Indian Inspired
Images Courtesy of: Apartment Therapy, Canadian House & Home, Elle Decor, and via “A Thoughtful Eye”.