Breathe new life into your Dining Room before the holidays are here so that your guests can dine in style! What better a way to wow your guests than with new decor for them to enjoy while sharing each other’s company and eating delicious food? You should really have fun with it because there are so many ways to “break the rules” in your dining room. For instance, your host and hostess chairs can be a different fabric, color, pattern, or a different chair altogether than your side chairs Another option is to have a long bench on one side of the table for a more informal dining space. Whatever style you choose to furnish your Dining Room in, keep these quick tips in mind:

A) Consider the size of your space: You want to make sure that your table doesn’t look too large or too small in relation to your Dining Room. Also, if you have a small room, make sure that there isn’t too much furniture in there (i.e. sideboards, hutches, etc.). Conversely, if you are working with a very large space, make sure that you have enough furniture in there to keep it warm and intimate.

B) How much will the space be used?: If you use your dining room regularly for Sunday dinners, make sure that you have a table that can withstand it and that your chairs’ material is resistant to rips, tears, and stains. If you only use the space once or twice a year, you can probably get away with more delicate finishes. However, even though the space is rarely used, make sure that your chairs are protected from drips and spills (they happen whether you use your Dining Room every day or every other year, so stay protected!).

C) How long will your guests be sitting for?: When choosing your dining room chairs, make sure that they are comfy enough for your guests to sit for long periods of time to ensure pleasant meals.

D) Be concious of the lighting in the space: Dining Rooms should have a few layers of light to enhance the feel of the room. There should be recessed lighting, a chandelier, sconces on the wall, and possible some candles on the table. All of these elements will give you total control over the mood of the room and the meal.

We’ve found these great dining room photos for your “dine in style” inspiration. For more information, be sure to read our HOME & STYLE magazine this Sunday for more photos, in depth tips, and to see what’s hot in Dining Room decor right now!

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