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Sometimes it is our blog readers that tell us about new and exciting objects. About a month ago we received a call from Grace. She was looking for an Hermes side table that I have never seen before. She called several Hermes stores and they have not heard of it either. She then googled “hermes orange” and our blog showed up in search results so she called us hoping we could help her. She emailed me the picture of the table and even though we did not know Grace, we wanted to help her (but also we were very intrigued by this mysterious table nobody heard of!).  I started working the phone and was able to find out from one my my “Hermes people” in New York store that there will be in fact a new collection coming out in November.

See the red table in the picture above? That is the table Grace was looking for. Happy to announce, it is here! Read on about “petit h” – a great new collection from Hermes!

“Petit h”, a new branch of the Hermès Group, recovers materials and objects that have been put aside in workshops and other production sites of the Hermès group, examines them, values them and gives them new life.

The material and/or object is seen in a new light thanks to the creative eye of artists and the skilled hands of all the craftsmen of the Hermès Group (saddler, fine-leather craftsmen, couturiers, goldsmiths, glass cutters and porcelain makers) who have been brought together for the first time to work in unison at the Petit h workshop.

Petit h products are Hermès products with this special history and bear the distinctive stamp of Hermès.  All unique, limited-edition items, they are sold exclusively during traveling flash sales in the Hermès network of boutiques.  Petit h will present two products online, for a short period only, available only from 2 to 22 November 2011.  Quite a find!