laloushka carolina herrera

Looking for a unique gift for a girlfriend, or for yourself? Enter Laloushkas – the fun dolls for the girl inside you!

Collectable Laloushka dolls are made by hand and with passion for fashion. The designer – Marta Hryniak – has always been fascinated with fashion, design and tailoring. Art historian and photographer by education and journalist by profession, in 2010 she decided to leave it all behind and launch her own designer’s business. Laloushka dolls were born and quickly stole the hearts of fashionistas.

In the collection you will find ‘The Great Fashion Designers’: Carolina Herrera (above), Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood and Victoria Beckham (below).

laloushka coco chanel

laloushka karl lagerfeld

laloushka vivienne westwood

laloushka victoria beckham

There is also a ‘Zodiac Signs’ collection (see below for Miss Gemini) and ‘Laloushka Kids’ – dolls for children.

laloushka miss gemini

But the best-selling dolls are personalized Laloushkas. You can have your mini-you or order a gift for a friend – the exact copy of a person in the form of a doll. The designer of Laloushka will make sure that features like the color and style of the hair, clothes, and even accessories are reflecting the look and feel of the person.

A perfect idea for a gift for adults and children alike, Laloushka dolls are made from cotton or silk and their outfits are put together from a range of fabrics and accessories to create a perfect one-of-a-kind look. Few working days are usually needed for the doll to be ready, unless the design requires specific fabrics or accessories, which need to be sourced or made to order. The dolls are packaged in elegant boxes and the pendants come in see-through pouches.

Every personalized doll comes with a certificate and a personal note from the designer.

Meet “girl married in a mini dress”:

laloushka married in a mini dress

And “red hair girl with a furla bag”:

laloushka red hair girl with furla bag

The price of a personalized doll made of cotton is 90 EUR, made of silk 105 EUR. These prices increase if the project requires using expensive or difficult elements (such as real fur, cashmere, expensive jewellery).

Orders can be placed online at and are shipped worldwide via courier.

A personalized Laloushka can become your signature piece when attached to your handbag. What a stylish idea!