I love to travel.  I’m sure I’ve made that clear before, but just in case, let me emphasize: I loooooove to travel.  Not only is it an enjoyable and enriching experience, I find that it is important, nearly essential.  It allows for you to understand another culture, another world, and to experience something new and valuable.  If I am traveling for a lengthy period of time or if I am jumping from place to place, I refuse to take anything but my Louis Vuitton luggage.  It is the most durable and easy to carry luggage set I have ever owned – not to mention that all of my stuff packs in oh-so-nicely! 

Louis Vuitton Goes Home -- brownhard

Image courtesy of: www.louisvuitton.com

So you can imagine the thrill I got when I discovered that Jason Phillips and Louis Vuitton created the perfect modern sectional – with the monogramed Louis Vuitton icon all over it!  It comes in white with the LVs in every color of the rainbow and also in his symbolic dark brown with lighter brown lettering.  No matter your style preference you must admit that Monsieur Vuitton has outdone himself this time! 

Louis Vuitton Goes Home -- white

Image courtesy of www.curbed.comImage courtesy of: www.curbed.com