I love planning day trips to NYC. Going in for one meeting or to browse the D&D just doesn’t do it for me anymore. And so I was delighted when last week I got to spend an entire Thursday in meetings, shopping (mostly window shopping), dining and sharing good wine with friends. The reason for the trip was the opening of the first New York showroom of one of my favorite Italian furniture companies Flexform. I will be writing about Flexform a bit later – today it is all about a well planned almost-spring day in midtown New York.

Start at: Le Pain Quotidien at 7 East 53rd Street at 5th Avenue for a light lunch – their entire menu is organic, I love the super casual vibe, the service is fast and all that good food will give you the much needed energy to shop 5th Avenue.

Stop at: Bergdorf Goodman, Tommy Hilfiger (and meet the family), Prada, Louis Vuitton (is it true they may be bringing back Alto???), Zara (a cheap thrill once in a while did not kill anybody) and Henri Bendel.

Tease the geniuses at the bar at: The Apple Store 🙂

Get cultured at: MoMA and follow up with a great meal and a glass of wine at The Modern. As cool as the museum and the art in it, The Modern is a place to be.

You won’t miss the entrance:

The menu is a solid example of French – American modern cuisine and everybody will find something they like. But, of course, what I like most about The Modern is the interior. Executed with uncanny attention to detail, the space is divided into 2 rooms: Bar Room and Dining Room. The bar itself is beautiful and impressive in size:

The Modern Bar Room

The Dining Room is stunning (and overlooking the sculpture garden):

The Modern Dining Room

Here is a bit more about the design (from The Modern website):

The Modern Design