As you are preparing your home for the holiday season, we’ve put together 5 tips to a stylish kitchen for the holidays.

Stylish Kitchen for the Holidays

1) Start with the centerpiece: When guests enter your kitchen, welcome them with an organic, festive centerpiece of fruit and leaves. One of our favorites is one a wreath made of pomegranites and magnolia leaves from Restoration Hardware, that comes out every year during the holiday season. Just display it laying down with a candle in the middle (one that is in a glass jar for safety purposes!)

2) What’s that smell?!: After seeing your gorgeous centerpiece in your stylish holiday kitchen, they will next immediately realize the wonderful aroma in the air. We recommend burning candles that are more neutral as to not take away from the smell of the delicious food you’re cooking. Williams Sonoma has candles that smell like fresh lemon or rosemary that won’t steal the spotlight from your cooking.

3) Oven to Table: Save yourself a step with Le Creuset Cookware, available at Williams Sonoma. These stylish dishes can go into the oven to bake your food and then make a second appearance on your table to serve it!

4) Pretty Platters: For things that don’t go into the oven, you’ll need a fabulous platter to present them on. Juliska is the perfect place to find platters of all different shapes and sizes as well as pretty serverware to go along with it.

5) Time for dishes: When the meal is over and it’s time to do the dishes, dry them with festive towels. Williams Sonoma has a wide selection of dish towels that will be appropriate for the entire holiday season.


Need some more advice for a festive holiday meal? Email [email protected] and don’t forget to check out our weekly blogazine this Sunday where we’ll give even more tips to make your kitchen a stylish one this holiday season!

Photos courtesy of Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, and Juliska.