Raskog kitchen cart from Ikea

Raskog kitchen cart from Ikea

How cute is this thing, I ask you!

It’s Raskog kitchen cart by the good people of Ikea. It’s sturdy, it’s a smooth ride and it only takes about 10 minutes to put together (you will need a screwdriver, the rest of the tools and hardware are included).

I have a mudroom with a very long and skinny nook. In the winter I use that space as a cellar as it’s not heated but I was getting tired of looking at cardboard boxes holding wine bottles, boots and miscellaneous stuff. So once I spotted one of those little cuties at a house of my dear friend, and I knew I had to get me some (actually, she is such a good friend, she grabbed two for me). Am I lazy lucky or what???

At 18″ x 14″ (and 31″ high) it fits narrow spaces perfectly, maneuvers beautifully and can hold a lot of stuff.

Mine is grey (surprise!):



Stay tipsy and roll on!