paola navone como collection cb

Another beautiful cooperation between a major designer and a retail giant is that of Paola Navone and Crate&Barrel. The brilliant architect, interior designer, art director and event designer, Paola Navone hit the ball out of the ballpark with 3 stunning collections that debuted couple of weeks ago and are getting enthusiastic reception from C&B customers. I watched the crowds swarming the Paola Navone displays at my local C&B store this past weekend and no wonder: fresh shapes, bright hues and pieces that simply work and mix well.

como collection paola navone

The 3 collections: Como, Mallorca and Riviera introduce dinnerware, furniture, lighting and accessories, each in it’s own blue and white variation. As Paula said herself, she was influenced by all shades of blue: “the blue glazed tiles of Morocco, the Turkish blue eye, the blue of the Medditeranean”.

como collection paola navone


Shown above in pictures are pieces from the Como collection. Visit your local Crate&Barrel to see all of this beauty yourself. But hurry, some of the pieces are available in limited quantities, such as this Riviera table:

iviera table paola navone

Stay Stylish!