Who hasn’t watched TV while taking a bath or brushing teeth? Been there, done that. But bringing your TV into the shower?

I am working on a project that requires a wet location TV set so my client can relax in her bath tub while watching TV. So, I though, why not take it a bit further? A little bit of research and yes, you can have it all with this new WetSet Waterproof TV by MB Quart.

mbquart showerscreen

WetSet Waterproof TV by MB Quart

It goes from a mirror finish to a TV screen with a touch of a button. It can be installed inside your shower, flash mounted right into the wall. It is perfect for wet and steamy locations – bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, pool sides and gardens.

It has a fog free glass, a floating remote and all the inputs and outputs of a standard HDTV unit so you could hook up a DVD  player and catch up on recent movies.

The MB Quart WetSet series are available in 17”, 26”, 32” and 42” sizes and can be ordered with white and high gloss black bezels or a complete HiddenReflections TV mirror finish.

Perfect? I think so!