I don’t get to see my Mom as often as I would like to. Once a year if I’m lucky, but I’m not complaining. I’m just so grateful I still have her.

My Mom

My mom is a Bohemian figure who spent most of her life in a socialist country, in a corporate environment working in financial sector. Yeah, I know, doesn’t make much sense for a Bohemian, but that’s what she had to do. A real free thinker, a feminist and one of the most accepting and open-minded people I know, she shaped me and my sister into who we are as people. I let myself be me because of my Mom.

I took a very different life path than she did, I did exactly what I wanted, I rarely sacrificed anything for others and (with hard work and unwavering conviction of deserving the best) I pretty much got everything I ever asked for.

There are times I wish I were not like her (and you know what they say – what bugs you most in other people is what you can’t stand in yourself…) and there are times I literally want to cry because of how grateful I’m of what she taught me.

Mom looking like Audrey

Here is the list my favorite things I learned from my Mom:

You can’t get in trouble if you tell the truth

Just because someone is much older than you (or a family member) does not mean you can’t give them a piece of your mind

Always make time for family meals

Read every day

It’s OK to walk around in your PJ’s all day if you feel like it

It’s also OK not to open your door when the door bell rings and you are walking around in your PJ’s and you know you didn’t invite anybody over (to say that Mom is not a fan of pop-ins would be a huge understatement)

Yes, you can wear a purple top with red pants

The only way to be happy is to be yourself

Stay Tipsy and tell your Mom why you love her!