Light is one of the most important design elements in any space. Without proper lighting, no matter how hard you worked to make a room beautiful, nobody is going to notice.

There are 3 layers of lighting that each room should have – each with a different function and purpose. Each layer should have its own switching independent from the others you should be able to dim any fixture.

1. General light is the first layer, illuminating the space enough that you are able to see everything that is in it. The most common type of general lighting today is recessed lighting.
2. Task lighting is the second layer of light, and is a very important one. This layer allows you to efficiently complete tasks by effectively illuminating what you are doing. Examples of task lighting include bedside lamps for nighttime reading, or under-cabinet lights in a kitchen prep work area.
3. Accent lighting is the final layer of light. It brings attention to certain features in your space. Having a light graze a stone fireplace or a piece of artwork to highlight its natural beauty is one example of accent lighting.