madonna truth or dare

Last week Madonna created a bit of a havoc by visiting Macy’s flagship in New York City to promote her new fragrance called Truth or Dare.

truth or dare crowds

As a former event producer I am always curious to peek behind the scenes. I was lucky to get a sneak preview of the tent set up on Broadway for Madonna before the press and got inside. It was beautifully designed with black carpet (refreshing!), an army of ghost chairs and a simple stage with a white Knoll chair for the star.

truth or dare tent 2

truth or dare stage

You simply could not avoid Truth or Dare perfume spritzer girls (my favorite phrase from movie The Women!) at the store and so I got a whiff of Truth or Dare myself: it’s sweet and floral. From the official Coty press release we learn that “Truth or Dare by Madonna blends narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods and vanilla, and creates a scent that is timeless, yet contemporary, simultaneously dark and light. The bottle also plays up the Truth or Dare duality – a classic and sophisticated shape, with modern and edgy detailing is a real statement.”


Wearing a gorgeous black lace dress and my favorite peep-toe Louboutins she looked more beautiful than ever.

madonna black dress 

madonnas louboutins

madonna louboutins

And yes, maybe the sales of her new album MDNA plumetted last week like a plane going down, but she still is the most brilliant female performer/business woman ever.

And I don’t care how much “work” she had done, how much time she spends working out every day (because who could replicate that in their daily routine, anyway?) or what she eats to look this great (actually, I would love to know that), but the worman is freaking 55! And she looks stunning. I know – I was 3 feets away.

madonna 20 (2)

After a successful launch of her clothing line Material Girl (together with daughter Lourdes), the time came for her first signature fragrance, which is going to mark the beginning of her new lifestyle brand Truth or Dare by Madonna. Would love to see THAT business plan!


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