I think it’s the rain today and the warm, balmy weather that made me think of my recent trip to London, from which I have not shared anything with you yet. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw some pictures of amazing food, but nothing more, really. So it’s time to spread the London goodness like orange marmalade on a scone!

What you need to  know about London now? That’s it is changing and becoming one of the most exciting and stylish cities in Europe. I always loved London but this last trip (probably my twentieth or so) was eye-opening as it has been 6 years since my previous adventure there. London is not just hip these days but also really fresh and exciting. New designers, new hotels, amazing food, I can go on and on, so let’s get to details:

STAY at Charlotte Street Hotel or Covent Garden Hotel for a fabulous and inspiring interiors (both by the uber talented Kit Kemp who also owns both places and 5 more in London and one in NYC), great service and more than convenient locations. Covent Garden Hotel is also a perfect place for your afternoon tea service (with great people watching if you grab a window table).

afternoon tea covent garden hotel

EAT where tourists don’t eat. But I didn’t have to tell you that, did I? Even though I did some research before leaving New York (you kind of have to when you have dietary restrictions), it was the local advice (thank you Kate from JoMalone on Brook Street!) that took us to Vanilla Black – a Michellin-recommended amazing experimental restaurant in Holborn. In the short 4 days of our stay we pretty much ate our way through all mention-worthy farm-to-table/organic/vegetarian restaurants in London. So here is the list:

MILDREDS – amazing atmosphere and excellent food. Packed at night as this spot in SoHo is a great place to grab a drink and dinner after work. Again, grab the best spot in the house – a window bar – for people watching. If you were to have only one thing you MUST try Chargrilled Roman Style Artichoke Crostini. If I were on death row, I would request it for my last meal. We liked it so much we almost ended up eating all of our lunches and dinners there. Here is the food from our first evening at Mildreds:

gyoza dumplings at mildreds

Gyoza Dumplings at Mildreds

Artichoke Crostini at Mildreds

Artichoke Crostini at Mildreds


Detox salad at Mildreds

Detox salad at Mildreds


Stir fried vegetables at Mildreds

Stir fried vegetables at Mildreds

Persian lemon, almond and pistachio polenta cake at Mildreds

Persian lemon, almond and pistachio polenta cake at Mildreds


VANILLA BLACK – not very warm and a bit formal but the food is out of this world! Try Fried Mushroom Mousse with Rosemary Sauce.

THE GATE – the Islington location (there is also one in Hammersmith) was all we had time for by it was worth it. Try Spicy Corn and Polenta Cake. Yum!

Well, hungry yet? So am I! Indian takeout for dinner tonight.

Stay Tipsy!