I always thought that the best business ideas are born out of a personal discovery that something is missing, that there is an unfulfilled need, a gap that has to be closed. Claudia Hanlin had just such an epiphany. She was getting married and had an idea for a 3-day celebration and realized there was no one-stop shopping place that could expertly guide brides through the myriad of different vendors, suppliers and service providers. Sure there is google search and tons of websites but how can one person (especially a very busy bride!) test and pre-qualify all the dress designers, florists, musicians, caterers, bakers or rental companies? Who can distill and find the best?

That’s how The Wedding Library was born. Claudia Hanlin’s innovative research boutique is where brides can review portfolios of the most talented, in-demand, creative and hard to find suppliers: from wedding photographers and bands to florists and caterers. Only the best are invited to display their portfolios at The Wedding Library based on their style, experience and reputations. From wedding venues (partners include Ritz-Carlton), through florists and stationers to wedding bands – you can find anything you need for your wedding.

At The Wedding Library brides can hire a wedding planner, purchase products and research vendors with their mothers, bridesmaids, fiances and friends. The beautiful space that Claudia created can be a true haven for a stressed out wedding party!

The Wedding Library has been featured by countless magazines, websites and newspapers including: Brides, Bridal Guide, Food & Wine, In Style, Glamour, Weddings, New York Magazine, Town & Country and Vogue and is the go-to-place for a sophisticated bride-to-be in New York City.

I also love that Claudia’s website has a full library of reading material for brides-to-be. My favorite: Anti-Bride Guide: Tying the Knot Outside of the Box.

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