alicja bachleda in heineken commercial

Alicja Bachleda in Heineken commercial

There are so few good commercial on American TV, it’s always exciting to see one that stands out. Some of my favorite ones in recent years have been Heineken spots.  They are witty, well shot (love the fast cuts), have great plots,  are beautifully art directed with gorgeous interiors, stunning costumes, I can go on and on. And a special bonus in the most recent one is the beautiful Polish actress Alicja Bachleda.

alicja bachleda looking very ralph lauren

Bachleda has a major celebrity status in Poland where she is known not only for her acting (which she started when she was just 6) but also as a member of a very prominent family. Her claim to international fame is a title role in an independent movie “Ondine”, in which she appeared with Colin Ferrell. The two soon became a couple and had a son together.

alicja bachleda with colin ferrell in ondine

Alicia is a very talented actress and I hope we will see more of her in major European and American movies. But for now, let’s enjoy her glamorous Heineken gig!

alicja bachleda

alicja bachleda beach

BTW, this last picture is of Alicja in costume for movie “Pan Tadeusz”, just in case you were wondering if that’s how little Polish girls dress for a trip to the mall. 🙂

alicja bachleda in pan tadeusz

Stay tipsy!