So we all love the Arctic Pear chandelier by Ochre. It has been around for about two years since and when it first came out the fixture became an icon practically overnight. It was featured in ads in every single shelter magazine and then started popping in featured projects all over print and design blogs. Nobody can argue that the design by the eponymous British design firm is simply genius. But what is a decorator to do when the desire for the look is impossible to fight but the checking account balance is simply not there? Normally I’m against knock offs. I would not be caught dead with anything faux, except perhaps for fur (would not be caught with a dead animal around my neck no matter what). But no fake LV, Chanel or Prada for me. It’s against what I believe.

But what about Arctic Pear? What do you do when a reputable company comes out with a design that’s clearly inspired by the brilliant original? Well, you be the judge. $8,000 or $2,000.

artic pear chandelier ochre ad

Arctic Pear by Ochre


robert abbey bling chandelier

Bling by Robert Abbey

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