skypak trolley 1

Once in a while you stumble upon something so ingenious it makes you think “snap, why didn’t I think of this?!”. Well, it happened to me when I first spotted airline bar carts (or trolleys) by skypak.

The idea is simple: you take an aviation-grade trolley and you come up with a fun design to make it uber cool. In addition to about 20 stock designs (some styles come in several colorways, some in pure gold and even in Swarovski crystals) one can also create their own custom skypak trolley. Prices start at about 1,000 Euro.

I can see a skypak being used in a kitchen, bathroom, for rolling your bar around the house or for extra storage in pretty much any room. What a great idea!

skypak trolley 2

skypak trolley 3

skypak trolley 4

skypak trolley 5

skypak trolley 6

Here is what the company is saying about their amazing airline trolleys: “Our airline trolleys are originally made for aviatioin. That is why they are very robust and long living. The durability¬†of this piece of original airline equipment makes it to exclusive furniture with special functionality. The airline trolleys are made of aluminum which is light and stable. (…) trolleys a very agile, because they are made for the narrow aisles in the airplane. So if you have a small kitchen our airplane trolleys are an excellent place to put your coffee machine on. Being extremely robust and durable, they symbolize the stability of real exclusive and noble furniture standing the test of time. Once in place, these trolleys remain a constant resource of inspiration and joy.